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Cruise Cruise Baby


What happens if you take your 1-year-old daughter on a cruiseship cruising the Atlantic nonstop from Gran Canaria to Brazil with more than 100 digital nomads, numerous hippies and hundreds of others – seeking for adventure and sun – on board ?


It´s going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Photo: Dinko Verži (

Photo: Dinko Verži (

It was in June when I first heard about this cruise from Las Palmas to Salvador/Brazil for a bit more than 150 Euros. A post from holidaypirates was going viral on the internet and more and more people booked their ticket. Always seeking for new places to go I started thinking about it. It seemed a bit weired and I was not sure how it would be to be on a cruise ship for 9 days without any stops and any possibility to leave the ship. On the other hand BRAZIL – I had never been there before. Cruising the Atlantic – WOW. And: the price was hot.

The digital nomad scene had already discovered the cruise and they came up with the idea that this cruise could be a great opportunity for a digital nomad event. Johannes Voelkner from WebWorkTravel did a great job in organizing this event from the very first moment. NOMADCRUISE was born.

There was no other option than to book the trip – which I did – first for my 4-year-old son and me. Later on we changed plans and decided that my daughter Felicia should travel together with me to Brazil.

Shortly before our departure I convinced a friend of mine whose bithday was falling in the time when our ship was crossing the Atlantic to join.


Three days before the departure of the ship Felicia and me travelled to Las Palmas. The remarkable thing about our flight was that it was going from Kassel-Calden – 15 minutes away from our home. Until the last day I expected to be informed that we would have to fly from somewhere else. But – NO – the flight really started from Kassel-Calden.

I had booked a double room in HiTide Hostel directly at Paseo de las Canteras. I loved our room but there was one challenge for me. Actually when I first entered the room I discovered that the bed we were supposed to sleep in was a bunk bed which was very high. Not the ideal option for little Felicia rotating and moving during night. But the problem was quickly solved as we had a sofa bed in the room. This was safer but Felicia felt somehow attracted to the bunk bed and was keen on climbing up the letter.

Apart from our wonderful room the best things were the rooftop with view on Canteras Beach and having the beach in front of the hostel. It was very comfortable to walk with the stroller on „Paseo de las Canteras“ with its restaurants and cafes.

We enjoyed the beach and visited the old district Vegueta:



We had nearly finished the check-in for the cruise ship when they came back to my declaration on Felicia’s health status. Her doctor had given me a letter stating that she had been ill the week before but can travel and has no infectous illness. „The baby cannot travel“ – this was a nightmare and I  had during the first minutes no plan what to do. I was shocked as I had not expected this reaction as Felicia was doing fine. Later on after talking it over again we were allowed to finish our check-in and to go on board .

Felicia loved our cabin from the moment I opened the door . Climbing to the window and looking out on the ocean became her passion during the next days.

P1090488 (2)

Our cruise ship was the „Sovereign“ and after 9 days ist felt somehow strange to leave the ship again.

Photo: Dinko Verži (

Photo: Dinko Verži (

The service on board was excellent – especially when considering the price we paid for the cruise.

Felicia and me enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere with no news from outside. It was actually no problem that we could not leave the ship before arrival in Salvador but turned into a magic experience. Digital detox, no phonecalls and no news from outside. Just us, the ship and the Atlantic Ocean.

20151123_174329 20151124_121424 20151124_170512

Photo: Dinko Verži (

Photo: Dinko Verži (

Photo: Dinko Verži (

Photo: Dinko Verži (

Let’s come back to the digital nomads. It was awesome to have so many inspiring, positive and like-minded people aboard. There were a lot of activities organized for the Nomad Cruise Community. We had a conference on board, workshops and many more activities. For me it felt really good, that it was no problem, that I was taking Felicia all the time. This is how Felicia attended her first workshops in English language – we will see what effects this will have… Many thanks to all who participated in the organization of all this and to all nomads who made this trip a wonderful experience.

Photo: Dinko Verži (

Photo: Dinko Verži (


Photo: Dinko Verži (

Photo: Dinko Verži (

Felicia enjoyed being outside nearly the whole day, eating fresh fruits several times a day, watching the Atlantic Ocean around us and absorbing all the impressions from the activities going on around her.

20151121_190205 P1090493

I was looking forward to our first stay in Brazil and at the same time did not want to leave the ship. But 9 days after our departure we arrived in Salvador and had to say Goodbye to „Sovereign“.



I’m pretty sure that this was not our last cruise – I will keep you posted.


Some impressions of our stay in Salvador (a blogpost will follow soon):

20151127_153810 20151127_142439 20151127_155242 20151127_155256 20151128_122538 20151128_140659 20151128_135946

 Stay tuned for our next adventures !

Post picture :  Dinko Verži (

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