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Ouzoud Falls – Why magic sometimes needs a hero


Though we had set up our „headquarter“ in Marrakech this did not mean that we did not go on any excursions.

For me the most impressive, challenging and at same time frightening day of our journey to Morocco was when we went on an excursion to the Ouzoud Falls.

I should have known better. The day before our trip to the Waterfalls Fatima – one of the friendly team members in our riad – looked at my ballerinas and strongly advised me to buy some sneakers. I was very thankful for this advise later on.

We had booked a group tour in a minibus. Felicia did not have to pay the full price and both toghether we paid something slightly under 50 Euro. I was so happy that they had organized a child seat for Felicia which does not seem to be one of the easiest things in Morocco. This time I did not bring ours from Germany as I had already to carry Felicia, a big suitcase and a small suitcase.


Roundabout three hours after having left Marrakech behind us, we reached a car park and leaved the bus. We were welcomed by a local guide who would help us to find our way within the next hours (we paid him 30 DH/person after the tour).

The Ouzoud Falls are multi-step falls and the total height is about 110m.

Ouzoud Falls

I was carrying Felicia in her Manduca in front, a backpack on my back and my camera. The first minutes of our way were not very challengig. I could just walk normally and talk with others. After short time the situation changed. The way went downhill, was mostly very narrow, we nearly had to climb and the underground was totally bumpy. I would have felt challenged at some parts even without carrying a child or anything else. There were some really difficult parts as I had not only to balance my own weight but also Felicia’s.  There was no chance to give up – the way back would not have been any better.

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The other members of my group were all very patient but my hero of the day was Karim who helped me with difficult parts, carried some of my stuff and finally also took little Felicia. He made sure that I reach our goal safe and without a nervous breakdown on the way.


I was rewarded for all difficulties with reaching a magic place of natural beauty. Ouzoud Falls is one of the lovliest things I have seen in my life.

Felicia was interested in the barbary macaques which seemed to be everywhere around us. It was refreshing to take one of the boats and feel the spilling water on the skin. And also the lunch we had in a cosy restaurant with view on the falls tasted twice as good after our little adventure.


The way back to the car park was much easier to take. Learning: you do not have to make it a breathtaking adventure to reach the Ouzoud Falls but can access much easier. But : it would not have been the same and I’m sure this was one of the days in my life I will never forget.

Magic Waterfall

When you travel to Morocco you should not miss Ouzoud Falls. But make sure you wear comfortable shoes !


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