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Passion over fear


Strange things are going on in this world and the effects on tourism in some countries are obvious. Irritation, fear and helplessness make people avoid certain countries and regions, no matter how beautiful they are.


The last year showed that there is actually no safe place in the world – very bad things may happen in front of one’s own house. It is a question of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course there are places where it is more likely that bad things might happen – but what is the consequence of this ?

For me as a mother with young children things become even more difficult as I have a responsibility not only for me but also for my family.


I must admit I have and always had a strong passion for countries in North Africa and for Turkey. When Felicia and me travelled alone to Morocco in January I received a lot of different reactions.  I did not count how often I was asked if this was safe for me and her. I realized this again this week on the ITB in Berlin where I talked to some Italian exhibitors about my last trips. When I told them about our journey to Morocco the first thing they wanted  to know was, if this was not to dangerous.


Of course I was shocked when hearing about the bomb blast in Istanbul and it deeply irritated me for days. My thoughts were circling around this topic quite a lot and in the end I am still convinced that passion and freedom should go before fear.

This does not mean that we should not be sensitive towards things going on in the world and just ignore them, but we should not allow fear to overwhelm us in a way that we become incapable to act and to live our life in freedom. We should not allow fear to install limits that are not necessary.

In 2016 Felicia and we will go on travelling through North African countries and will also visit Istanbul and some other Turkish cities.

It is important to me to show the beauty and variety of these countries who suffer from tourists staying away because of being afraid of terrorism. This – besides of my strong love for this countries- is one reason why I will continue to take you with me on my journeys to this parts of the world.


I am interested in how you deal with this topic and would like to invite you to leave me a comment under this article or write a personal message.

Finally there are some news about Felibrina: The category will get its own blog where articles will be available in German and English language and every article written so far will be revised as regards text and pictures. Felibrina as blog will specialize on North Africa, Cruises and City Trips in  Europe. The launch is planned to be in September and the blog will be a birthday present to myself. There is a lot of work to do before and I hope that everything can be realized as I immagine and I deeply hope that you will like it.

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    • Sabrina sagt

      Liebe Sabine, danke für deinen lieben Kommentar und für den Link. Es ist manchmal ganz schön schwer, sich nicht lähmen zu lassen von dem, was so passiert in der Welt – aber wir lassen uns in unserer Freiheit nicht einschränken!

  1. Ja, uns geht es auch so, die Balance zwischen Sich-nicht-verrücket-machen-lassen und Angst-um-sein-Leben-zu-haben ist nicht immer ganz einfach. Schon gar nicht, wenn man als Familie unterwegs ist, wie du oben ganz richtig schreibst.
    Wir versuchen uns nicht zu sehr Angst machen zu lassen, bleiben aber von den Ereignissen in der Welt natürlich auch nicht unberührt. Schwieriges Thema…

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