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Welcome to Felibrina !

This category of my blog is about my daughter Felicia and me exploring the world when the male of my family prefers to stay home. The name Felibrina comes from Felicia (my daughter) and Sabrina (me). You could say it is a girl thing …


About Felicia

20151123_075401Born in 2014 Felicia is a frequent traveler and has seen places so far as South Africa, U.E.A., Brazil, Canarian Islands and much more. Her first flight was at the age of 4 weeks to Menorca/Spain. She mostly sleeps during flights and enjoys new tastes. Indeed food is very important to her and she loves to begin her day with a selection of fresh fruits.

She shares my passion for sitting somewhere with good view on the ocean accompanied of the sound of the waves. No wonder she enjoyed our transatlantic cruise !


About Sabrina

Photo: Dinko Verži (dinko.de)

Photo: Dinko Verži (dinko.de)

36 year old traveljunkie, married, two fabulous kids. I love the sea, the sun and exploring places I have not been to before.  I am fascinated by Africa but especially by the North African countries.



We are glad to have you here and will keep you posted on all our adventures. Feel free to get in contact for any comments or questions !

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