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Welcome to Amira

Welcome to Amira – Feeling at home in Istanbul

If you are looking for  place to stay in the center of Istanbul, Hotel Amira might be your home away from home. Due to the attacks which happened since January, many people keeped asking us, if we are really going to stay in Istanbul in these days. I must admit I kept thinking and rethinking until the last moment. But finally I decided that we are not willing to give in to violence and fear. I had waited for a long time to visit this beautiful town and this was not meant to be given up because of some people with weired ideas about the world in their heads. I am so glad we did not change our plans as we would have missed a beautiful, powerful and inspiring city. One important aspect was that we found a home away from home. I had chosen Hotel Amira because of its perfect location and because of the positive echo it received from guests from all around the world. We actually arrived with high expectations as Hotel Amira more »


Passion over fear

Strange things are going on in this world and the effects on tourism in some countries are obvious. Irritation, fear and helplessness make people avoid certain countries and regions, no matter how beautiful they are. The last year showed that there is actually no safe place in the world – very bad things may happen in front of one’s own house. It is a question of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Of course there are places where it is more likely that bad things might happen – but what is the consequence of this ? For me as a mother with young children things become even more difficult as I have a responsibility not only for me but also for my family. I must admit I have and always had a strong passion for countries in North Africa and for Turkey. When Felicia and me travelled alone to Morocco in January I received a lot of different reactions.  I did not count how often I was asked if this was safe more »

Morocco by train

Travelling Morocco by train

I must admit that I was curious. Before our departure to Morcocco I  read a lot about travelling in Morocco by train. Everyone stated that it was a  great experience and the most comfortable way to get around. I decided to give it a try and bought a train ticket for the eight-hour journey from Fez to Marrakech. In the end I found out that I totally agree with all these positive reviews. Whenever you visit Morocco don’t miss the chance to make this experience yourself. Bad news first: The Moroccan train network is not very extensive and if you travel towards Southern Morocco and have no rental car you will depend on buses. But still the train network covers a lost of the touristic spots in the country. For example you can visit all imperial cities by train. Let’s switch to the positive aspects: Reasonable prices- even if you decide to travel first class . For the eight-hour train ride from Fez to Marrakech I paid including the seat reservation roundabout 30 Euro. Children more »


Ouzoud Falls – Why magic sometimes needs a hero

Though we had set up our „headquarter“ in Marrakech this did not mean that we did not go on any excursions. For me the most impressive, challenging and at same time frightening day of our journey to Morocco was when we went on an excursion to the Ouzoud Falls. I should have known better. The day before our trip to the Waterfalls Fatima – one of the friendly team members in our riad – looked at my ballerinas and strongly advised me to buy some sneakers. I was very thankful for this advise later on. We had booked a group tour in a minibus. Felicia did not have to pay the full price and both toghether we paid something slightly under 50 Euro. I was so happy that they had organized a child seat for Felicia which does not seem to be one of the easiest things in Morocco. This time I did not bring ours from Germany as I had already to carry Felicia, a big suitcase and a small suitcase. Roundabout three hours more »


Missing Marrakech

After an incredible stay in Morocco in December 2015 I missed this place so much that I had to come back in January. As little Felicia is a marvellous travelbuddy I decided to take her with me. Of course there were not only positive reactions . Visiting Morocco alone and with a blond toddler seemed kind of dangerous to many people. But even after overthinking my plans again I came to the conclusion that it would be a good thing for us to do. I must admit that I did not tell my parents about the attack in Fes in October 2015. This would have made them feel insecure for no reason because this kind of things can happen to me everywhere. Our journey started of in Fes and besides Marrakech we visited other places like Ouzoud Falls and Essaouira. Arrived back home I had to realize that one blog post wouldn’t do. No problem – I will come back to one topic after the other. For example I want to tell you about discovering more »