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Felibrina goes Morocco

Only about two weeks until our next adventure starts. This will be the first part of a Morocco-Travel-Project and I’m already completly excited. Fez, Meknes and Marrakech – three of the imperial cities – are waiting to be explored. I have paid Marrakech a visit in December and I fell head over heels. I’m so curious if Fez and Meknes can do the same to me. Felicia has been to Morocco first time in June when our whole family visited Sidi Kaouki and Taghazout, two very calm and relaxed places. I hope she will also enjoy the more lively places. I’m still undecided if I will take a baby stroller with me as this on the one hand provides some comfort for her but on the other hand does not seem to be a good option in the narrow streets of the medina quarters. Morocco by train Once arrived in Morocco we will use the train to get from one place to the other. This seems to be quite a good option as the train more »


Marrakech – when a quickie turns into real love

It was short, intensiv and it blew me away. A city without beach and far away from the sea and I fell head over heels. Visiting Marrakech if you have only four days – is this a good idea ? Absolutely !!! I got lost in the small streets and lost in colours and smeells and have taken unforgettable impressions home with me. How to get there Marrakesch has an international airport and there are many direct flights from different German cities at reasonable prices. As we (which means my sister and me) decided for Marrakech only a few days before our departure we had not so many options but thanks to Skyscanner we found matching flights: from Frankfurt to Marrakech with Air Arabia and back to Cologne with Germanwings. How is it to fly with Air Arabia ? We had nothing to complain about. I admit that I was sceptical in the beginning as I knew noone who had travelled with Air Arabia before. Actually it was a good choice and I would do more »


Cruise Cruise Baby

What happens if you take your 1-year-old daughter on a cruiseship cruising the Atlantic nonstop from Gran Canaria to Brazil with more than 100 digital nomads, numerous hippies and hundreds of others – seeking for adventure and sun – on board ? It´s going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It was in June when I first heard about this cruise from Las Palmas to Salvador/Brazil for a bit more than 150 Euros. A post from holidaypirates was going viral on the internet and more and more people booked their ticket. Always seeking for new places to go I started thinking about it. It seemed a bit weired and I was not sure how it would be to be on a cruise ship for 9 days without any stops and any possibility to leave the ship. On the other hand BRAZIL – I had never been there before. Cruising the Atlantic – WOW. And: the price was hot. The digital nomad scene had already discovered the cruise and they came up with the idea that this cruise could more »